5 Factors to consider when purchasing your next work boot

There are more than 12,000 work-related foot injuries each year. Many of these work related foot injuries can be prevented if workers wear the appropriate work boots at all times. It should be noted that a great pair of boots will not only play a crucial role in your safety but also in your health and comfort when working. Not every boot has the capability to provide comfort as well as ensure your safety. Therefore, you should consider the following tips when purchasing your work boots.


The first and the most important aspect before purchasing your work boots is to ensure that they feel comfortable when you wear. Therefore, you should pick at least five pairs of the boots and try all of them. After testing all the pairs, select three pairs that seem comfortable. Additionally, look for extra padding and soft material that adds to the comfort level.


You should assess the durability of all the three pairs selected. There are different ways durability can be determined. One you can either throw the boots down the staircase or against the wall. You can also walk with the boot inside the store as well as outside in order to see its transition between different terrains. In rare occasions, some sale representatives might allow you to use the boots for about a week before making the decision. A good indicator of durability is checking whether the manufacturer has given a lifetime warranty. If that is the case, you should be confident in making the purchase since they can make the necessary repair at any time.

Check for a steel toe

If you work in a place that there is a threat of an object falling, you should check for the steel toe. This steel toe is specially designed to protect the toes as well as the entire feet from being crushed. However, you should be warned to be very careful in selecting the boots since some manufacturers no longer use steel in making the boots.

Determine whether the boots are waterproof

Determining whether the boots are waterproof only applies if you mostly work outdoors on a construction site or in an area that receives a lot of rain and snow throughout the year. In case the boots are not designed to be waterproof, they should be easily waterproofed using over the counter products. If the work boots are waterproof, you will be ready to face whatever the day may hold as well as spend a great deal of time in inclement situations. More so, you will also work efficiently without worrying about wet and uncomfortable feet.

How to maintain the boots

Nevertheless, before purchasing work boots, you should consider the amount of time needed to clean the boots. This aspect is very important if you work outside and in certain conditions where you are exposed to debris and dirt frequently. The approximate time for cleaning them will be determined after reading the care instructions. Many work boots require special care as well as special products to protect them. Mindless to say, some depending on the material require frequent washing and drying as well as polishing.

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5 Minute Friday: On Forgetting

5 minute friday

Today I’m linking up to 5 Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama. The premise is simple…

Got five minutes? Here’s a great way to spend them.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat without editing your voice.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Pony up the comment lovefor the five minuter who linked up before you.

Today’s prompt:

On Forgetting…

So often in these days of juggling, of trying to maintain, I find myself remembering things forgotten. It’s ironic…things forgotten until it is too late come flooding into my mind at the most unhelpful times…

in the middle of the night

when I try to catch a quiet moment

during time spent with my family

I try not to forget. I try to keep everything running smoothly. But there is always something falling through the cracks…

the laundry that never made it into the dryer

the vital ingredient for dinner that never made it onto the shopping list

When my mind is bombarded with the shortcomings, once again I have a choice. How will I respond? It seems I write about this choice frequently…perhaps I need to hear it more than anyone.

What do I choose to do in the moment? Dwell on what went wrong? Or give myself some grace and move forward?

Beating myself up over it won’t help anyone. It won’t change the laundry’s sour smell, or keep my dear husband from making yet another trip to the store.

It won’t create a peaceful, grace filled atmosphere in my home either. I must choose to look ahead, knowing I will probably forget again, but rejoicing in grace.



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Change Is as Good as a Holiday, Right?


Lately I’ve been missing the rain. There just hasn’t been much since we moved to South Carolina three months ago, not as much as I’m used to anyway.

When the downpour started last Thursday night, I lay in bed soaking in the sound. The next morning, I sipped my coffee and watched the drops fall in soothing rhythm. It was beautiful…and I tweeted…

A few minutes later, I walked into our bedroom to open the blinds. My feet were surprised by the sensation of damp carpet. No, wet carpet. My first thought was that perhaps the window was not shut properly. I checked it. It was locked tight. A quick inspection told me that the water could only have come from one place, under the wall. Not good.

I placed a quick call to the apartment manager, and within minutes maintenance had arrived with a shop vac. This was just step one, we were told, to get as much water up as possible while we waited for the carpet guy to come.

The carpet guy arrived and removed more water. A visit by the main maintenance man followed a bit later. The carpet was still pretty wet, and he was concerned. When he pulled back the carpet to look underneath, we discovered the mildew. YUCK!

They called in the carpet experts. Those guys were amazing. They came as soon as they were called, at 6:00 p.m. on the Friday before Memorial Day. It was obvious we were in good hands, but it also became apparent that things were worse than they had seemed. Before we knew it, we were moving every bit of furniture out of our bedroom. Stuff was everywhere.

In the midst of it all, I was also giving the kids a bath and cooking eggplant parmesan. But that’s another story. Did you know that a desk stashed in the kitchen can also double as an island? It’s true!

The water damage had mildewed the carpet pad over almost the entire bedroom. Then it got worse. They realized the sheet rock was soft. Not. Good.

We moved our bed into Phil’s office, closed off the bedroom, and enjoyed the weekend. The contractor was scheduled to come Tuesday to assess the situation.

Tuesday morning, they told us the news. Because of the mildew and the potential health issues (and also because of our allergies), the apartment manager wanted us to move to another apartment.

I almost cried. We were just barely unpacked. Okay, not completely unpacked…

So we are moving. Again. On Saturday. Or maybe even Friday.

We’re packing like crazy. This whole thing is crazy.

But you know what? It’s not a surprise to God. He saw the whole thing coming, and He has promised that all things work together for our good. So here we go again!

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