When Long Days Feel Longer…


I was chatting with my friend Logan today, and the conversation turned to the need for some fun activities for the kids during the summer months. The idea of summer freedom sounds great at first, but it doesn’t take long for a crew of little ones to need some structure during those long summer days.

The summer months in our area bring crazy heat, humidity, and thirsty mosquitoes. As much fun as it can be playing outside, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors, we find ourselves needing fun indoor activities when summer arrives in full force.

Arts, Crafts, & Learning Fun for the Non-Crafty

I’m not a crafty kind of mom. I seriously need help when it comes to these things. The craft books that work for me are from the Williamson Little Hands series. They have drawings of the art projects (I need to seethese crafts we’re supposed to be making…written instructions just don’t do it for me). There are a variety of books for different ages. The book we have is the Little Hands Art Book. The whole series is spectacular, with everything from arts & crafts to math & science fun. The activities and crafts are perfect for the summer months when you needs some fun with a little structure.

For the days when you don’t want to do a prepared craft, just bring out the paints and paper and let them go wild (within reason)!

Summer Movie Deals

Many local movie theaters offer special morning movie showings of kid-friendly films during the summer. The tickets are free or deeply discounted (for example, Regal Cinemas charges $1). Check your local theater to see what they have to offer! This is a great way to get out of the house and go somewhere cool!

Indoor Picnic

It’s amazing how a little change in routine can make a day brighter! It doesn’t take much most of the time. Simply spreading a quilt on the floor and eating lunch picnic style can be a blast!

Summer Reading

My girls love a trip to the library! Reading during the summertime is a great activity, and it helps kids continue to progress in their reading (or listening) skills even during a school break. If your kids need encouragement to read, maybe setting a special summer goal with a reward would help!

Quality Time

Whether your kids go to school or are schooled at home, the summer break is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together just doing fun things. When it comes down to it, the what really isn’t as important as the who. Building in times to spend together in focused family time is truly one of the best ways to avoid boredom and summer break burnout.

What summer activities work for you

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