Are you thinking of trying Inversion therapy or probably never heard about it. Well here I’m going to explain what it’s all about and the tools involves being upside down while hanging by your legs or involves putting your head in a position where it is lower than your heart

What is an inversion table?

An inversion table is a padded table with hinges and strap belts or also non as a gravitational table. The table allows you to flip over into and upside down position or an inverted angle while your legs are strapped to the table. This process is called inversion thus the name inversion table. The intention for this is for therapeutic benefits. Before we look at the benefits lets look at the purpose of the inversion table

What is the use of an inversion table in inversion?

The theory is by flipping your body over, you unload your low back (bones, joints, and discs) it causes a traction force through the spine and decreases the traction on the low back pain. By suspending the body upside down the force of gravity decompresses the joints causing the joints of the back to be stretched or expanded.
What is it good for?

For people who want to avoid surgery Inversion therapy is mostly used as a non-invasive back disorder and sciatica answer.

Inversion table is not only used for back pain but its effects are reverses the dangers or gravity and is one of the best methods of treating back problems, load bearing joint issues, mental stress, nervous system etc. .will giving a list below
The inversion table is best for these treatments
-back pain surgery -herniated disc pains -sciatic nerve pains -cervical spinal pains
-osteoarthritis pains -scoliosis pains -fibromyalgia symptoms -reduces headaches

It is also good for the Respiratory system
-it improves lung function -it clears the sinuses -it helps breathing easy

It is also good for the digestive and immune system
-it boosts the immune system -it revitalizes internal organs -helps the lymphatic system
-it improves the digestive system

It is also good for the circulatory system
-it improves the heart function -improves blood circulation -helps the varicose vains

Its is also good for the body physically
-improves posture -flexibility -improves joint flexibility -realigns the spine
-the workouts helps speedy recovery -stronger ligaments -revitalizes your body
-reduces fatigue -gain or regain height

It is good for ones mental health
-reduces stress -alertness – mood swings -reduces depression -improves creativity
-reduces PMS symptoms

It is also good as a cosmetic
-it improves the physical appearance of a person
-it also has an anti-aging effect

Researchers have found out that inversion therapy was practiced as early as the Stone Age. The earliest practitioners or inversion therapy include Yogis of ancient India
It is truly more a miracle table than an inversion table.

The best resource on inversion tables can be found here

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Why Posture Corrector is essential to your health

People mainly concentrate on their cholesterol levels, weight, blood pressure as well as other markers of their health forgetting that good body posture is very vital to your health. Many people don’t have the correct body posture. This is due to our lifestyles, we sit behind our computers and inside our cars for long that we don’t notice when we end up slouching our backs.

Posture corrector brace is a device which is externally applied and is specifically designed to help an individual overcome the posture problem. To correct your body posture, your back, neck and shoulders should be in an upright position. Posture correction brace helps you achieve this by gently forcing your body muscles to keep your body in its correct position. The brace pulls your shoulders backward away from your ears, by doing so the spine is aligned and the shoulders are prevented from slumping forward. By doing so posture corrector brace ensures that the clavicles are properly aligned. You can wear this device on top of or underneath your clothes make it easy to wear anywhere.

Application of this pressure on your muscles will gradually change the muscle memory and restructure it in the early stages using a posture corrector brace. Within few weeks of use, you will be able to notice an improvement in your posture. Your back pain is likely to reduce leaving you feeling energetic because the back pain will be gone and you will be walking upright.

Posture correction brace addresses the problem of poor control especially in the lower back, the middle upper back, and your shoulders. As your posture continues to improve by using posture corrector brace, you can decide to transition from a heavier to a lower support posture corrector brace. Using a posture corrector brace is a must. To help achieve the final transition that you desire after using posture corrector brace for some time, weaning to kinesiology postural taping can be employed to perfect body posture without now using the posture corrector brace or even posture taping.

Posture corrector brace is durable, comfortable and has been medically proved to be very supportive. It is also light in weight, the main reason that makes it easy to wear on top of or underneath clothes without anyone noticing. It also comes in different sizes so you should not worry. Perhaps you are feeling sluggish and you are not motivated, experiencing some back and neck pain, try a posture corrector brace because its benefits are countless.

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