How to choose jewelry based on your body structure

There is now a wide selection of jewelry styles to choose from. From simple and cheap jewelry to chains, bracelets and gold earrings in every possible style. Everyone loves jewelry, but did you know that the style and style of jewelry you choose can even make you look better and accentuate your external characteristics?

Here you will find tips and recommendations on how to choose jewelry that suits you best:

Downward – just like clothes, chains can also make you think you’re taller than you really are. If you are low and want to make the illusion that you are taller, choose longer V or Y necklaces that give you the illusion that you are taller. You want to choose necklaces that fall under your chest but do not reach the waistline.

High – but if you are tall and want to look lower, you should choose necklaces that reach the clavicle line. Necklaces around your neck may also make you look lower.

Fillers – It is also necessary to think about the thickness of jewelry, it is best for full women to choose a chain with a certain thickness such as large stones or thicker connections.

If you are smaller and less full, large, thick jewelry will not suit you and you should choose something more delicate.

Earrings can compliment or detract from the shape of the face. The basic face shapes are round, heart-shaped, elliptical or square.

Elliptical face – can wear what kind of earrings they want to wear, any style will compliment elongated faces.

Round face – do not wish to emphasize the fact that your face is round and full, so you should avoid hoop earrings or large buttons. Long earrings or square calves will extend the shape of your face.

Heart shape – This is accompanied by a characteristic of a sharp, narrow chin, so you want to expand your chin a little by square earrings or chandelier earrings at the bottom.

Longer face – If your face is longer or slightly square, you do not want to wear long earrings because they will extend your face even more. Wear tight earrings to match your face shape.

Bracelets and rings
Many times we bring our hands and fingers to our faces so we are interested in finding and wearing the jewelry that will compliment our faces in the best possible way.

We also have to think about whether we have broad bones or not. If you have more subtle features, thick and wide bracelets may look strange on you so it is best to stick with thin, delicate bracelets. But if you are wider or even slightly wider, you can look best with a wide bracelet or a row of bracelets.

When choosing rings, think about the shape of the fingers, whether they are long and thin or chubby and short? In any case, keep in mind that the ring should fit between the joints and not pass over any of them because not only is it uncomfortable, but most often does not look good.

Short fingers should be chosen for finer rings, because you do not want to emphasize the stencil of your fingers. Rings with oval characteristics are the safest choice. For long fingers you can choose rings with a round stone and a wide ring.

Always remember, when choosing jewelry, choose the jewelry you love! The jewels that are convenient for you are the jewels that will please you and any clothes you wear.

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