How to get rid of constipation fast?

Today, a large number of people suffer from constipation either due to the poor eating habits or lack of bowel movement. Constipation comes with a feeling that no one would wish to have, painful and also so embarrassing . The main reason behind constipation is the severe clogging problem due to the toxins created within the body by the waste materials which seem not to flush out and which may lead to serious problems. Getting rid of constipation fast is an easy and simple way.   how to get rid of constipation fast?

So how to get rid of constipation fast?

· Avoid fatty foods and increase high fiber content foods. This is the initial step to take once you have constipation since constipation results from excessive intake of fats, sugars and dairy. Fiber on the other hand are never digested thus they stay in the waste where they absorb liquid which in turn softens the wastes. This leads to easy purging of waste from the body. Vegetable and fruits are the best with fiber supplements used for improved outcomes.

· Take a lot of pure and warm water. Taking water is not only a healthy practice but also a remedy to get rid of constipation. However, there is need to increase the intake of water whenever you are in constipation. This is about 10 glasses per day from the usual recommended number which is eight Lemon can be added to help in both colon and liver cleaning: removing all the filth and shingles that might have caused blockage. This is an awesome method, that my help us cure hemorrhoids as well.

· Taking coffee. A large population partake coffee as a fast solution for constipation. This is due to the caffeine found in coffee which act as a stimulant for the contraction of muscles which cause bowel movement. Small quantity coffee is required as a temporary and fast relief. High quantity of coffee intake can cause dehydration thus should be avoided.

  • Exercises. Reasonable to rigorous exercises is important to increase the bowel movement which increase the rate of contraction. An additional walk or massage around the stomach is also necessary Squatting during the call is preferred to sitting.
  • Eat prunes or drink prunes juice. Prunes are high in fiber and contain sorbitol, a sugar known for stool slackening and a natural switch for constipation. Sorbitol is a minor colonic intoxicant that play a great role in reducing transfer period of stool thus decreasing the danger of constipation.
  • Use of natural colon cleansing detox supplements. This is a secure and a very efficient way to get rid of constipation. The enhancements remove and counteract toxins from the body giving you energy for the day. They not only prevent cancer, headaches and inflammation but also burn more fats as well as rejuvenate your body.

· Enemas. An enema works within five minutes. It comes in two different forms, Disposable enemas; which are designed for a single use and reusable enemas which handle a large number of individuals.

· Suppositories. They help get rid of constipation fast though not quite as fast as enemas. They appear in form of solid capsules or liquid form and are directly inserted into the anus.
If symptoms persist, it is always advisable to consult a doctor. Some may be signs for a more serious condition while others maybe genetic. Doctors consultation may be needed for the best results.