5 Important tips when choosing your next work boots

Work boots can be the difference between your inefficiency and your productivity depending on the type of work that you do since work hazards differ depending on your kind of work. Knowing what tips to look at while choosing your work boots to come in handy. Bottom line is finding the right finding the right work boots is essential, and to help you accomplish this goal, I will give you the best tips when it comes to finding the right work boot (For a list of the best work boots visit: http://www.barenakedlife.com/best-work-boots/)

1. comfort.

If your work demands that you stand for long then you understand why comfort comes at the top of our list, with maximum comfort then productivity is realized. Make sure that the boot you choose fits you right, check out for the quality of the inner sole and also look out for parts that pinch since they are not likely to disappear soon.For maximum comfort choose a shoe that is highly flexible taking into account that most work boots are made of leather.


Safety is non negotiable it could mean the difference between life and death .there are a number of things that you should look into before purchasing your boot but first you need to evaluate the type of environment that you work in for instance steel toe if you work at construction sites are useful in protecting your toes from falling objects,thick soles will reduce chances of electrocution and if you work outdoors composite toe safety boots are better. Metatarsal guards are something that you should look at before purchasing a workbook as you are assured of protection from falling objects.


An excellent pair of work boots should offer you a comfortable and stable grip,research has shown that slipping boots are responsible for over 50% of accidents that occur in construction sites.you should be able to stand steadily on your feet if you purchase the right pair of work boots significantly reducing the chances of you developing orthopedic diseases. Check the quality of the sole for instance if you work in a construction site or a rugged terrain rubber soles would do a better job.

4.Insulation and waterproofing ability.

Insulation make your work easier especially if you are working outdoors or even in cold and snowing conditions, insulated boots help keep your feet warm for maximum productivity. Moist conditions are known to be the breeding ground of bacteria; if you work in waterlogged areas then waterproofing should cross your mind, consider purchasing classic leather boots as they are better at insulation and waterproofing your feet.


At the end of your day your feet should be nub, or with blisters a good work boot should provide the necessary support without harming you,when purchasing a work boot consider looking at all the aspects ie outside sole ,innersole the steel toe,do not be afraid to move an extra width if you feel that the boot is too tight,today’s manufacturers are customer focused and therefore provide a wide range of sizes to choose from

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